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Introducing the New FieldSpec 4 to Students in Israel


Meteo-Tech Ltd., ASD’s distributor in Israel, will be presenting “FieldSpec 4 – The new generation of the Field Spectroradiometer” at the Third Remote Sensing Student Conference in Midreshet Ben-Gurion, Israel on May 2-4. ASD is also proud to be a sponsor of this remote Third Remote Sensing Student Conference 4 9 12sensing event.

The aim of the conference is to encourage collaboration and mutual exchange of ideas, by exposing graduate-level students and post-docs working in the field of remote sensing to up-to-date research that is conducted in the academic institutes and other research centers in Israel.

The FieldSpec 4 line of spectroradiometers is already the gold standard for field researchers and academic institutes across the world and we are excited for Meteo-Tech to introduce the FieldSpec 4 line to the attendees as the new generation of field spectroradiometers!

To learn more about the FieldSpec 4 line, check out our products page.


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