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Announcing Microsoft® Windows 10 Support for ASD Software

October 17, 2017

ASD has long been the gold standard in field spectroradiometers. ASD pioneered the science of field spectroscopy over 25 years ago and continues to lead the industry with the world's most trusted field-portable UV/Vis/NIR/SWIR spectroradiometers covering the full solar reflected spectrum.

ASD’s spectroradiometers and spectrometers are portable and deliver fast and accurate spectral measurements. These spectral measurements act as fingerprints, providing important data that leads to solutions in a variety of applications, such as:

  • Atmospheric research
  • Forestry, ecology and plant physiology studies
  • Light energy measurements
  • Spectroradiometric calibrations
  • Ingredient testing for dietary supplements and natural products
  • Lipid, protein and fatty acid analysis of grains and food products
  • Analyzing mineral content in soils

ASD offers a full range of products - for remote sensing applications in the field with the FieldSpec® line of instruments; for geology, mining and mineral applications with the TerraSpec® line of instruments; for materials analysis (food and pharma) applications in the lab environment with the LabSpec® line of instruments; and, for quality control and continuous on-line measurement applications with the QualitySpec® line of instruments.


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Today, ASD is pleased to announce Microsoft® Windows 10 support for their software packages, including RS3 Spectral Acquisition (for remote sensing data acquisition and analysis) and IndicoTM Pro Spectral Acquisition (for data acquisition and chemometric analysis) softwares. Additionally, ASD will be shipping field and instrument controllers with Windows 10.

Continued enhancements to core instrument spectrometers and other critical components have dramatically improved overall performance, signal, and integration speeds compared to earlier models.


Are you located in the United States and have an earlier model ASD instrument that you have interest in trading up?

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