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ASD and Bonsai Attending the 10th EARSeL Workshop

April 06, 2017

ASD will be attending the 10th EARSeL Workshop in Zurich, Switzerland on 19-21 April along with partner Bonsai Advanced Technologies.

ASD is pleased to be sponsoring this event this year, especially as this year happens to be the 20th birthday celebration of EARSeL’s Special Interest Group on Imaging Spectroscopy!

This EARSeL special interest group encourages, “interdisciplinary discussions among specialists working with innovative Earth Observation methods and technologies.”1

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A variety of spectroscopy topics will be discussed at the 10th EARSeL Workshop, with workshop topics focusing on the following:

  • Advanced methods for spectroscopy calibration, data processing, and archiving
  • Integrated approaches in Earth System Science using spectroscopy
  • Next generation platforms and sensors

ASD has been involved in spectroscopy for over 25 years and the organization’s involvement in remote sensing is extensive. ASD’s FieldSpec® 4 line of spectroradiometers are an ideal tool for use with several remote sensing solutions and applications as field collected reflectance spectra most accurately portrays the view from a satellite or aircraft imaging sensor.

We hope to introduce ourselves and network with you at the 10th EARSeL workshop event!



Would you like to request an appointment to network and meet with our remote sensing segment manager at this event ahead of time?  Click, below!

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