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ASD at PDAC 2017 - How the TerraSpec® 4 and the TerraSpec Halo mineral identifier benefit an exploration program

February 16, 2017

Identifying confusing alteration minerals is critical to speed exploration efforts and for accurate resource evaluation. However, many similar-looking alteration minerals that can help you vector faster to your ore body are very tough to differentiate in the field without time consuming lab work.PDAC 2017 ASD TerraSpec

Fortunately, at ASD, we have solutions to these common challenges. At PDAC 2017 from March 5 – 8, you have the opportunity to visit us in booth #939 to demo two instruments: the ASD TerraSpec® 4 Standard-Res mining analyzer and the ASD TerraSpec Halo mineral identifier.

Knowing that fast identification is a critical component to mining exploration, these instruments aid in:

  • Investigative exploration
  • Increased exploration efforts
  • Faster ore body characterization
  • Marker bed minerology identification

Ultimately, all of these things help you to identify ore body faster, more efficiently – saving you time and money. Visit us at PDAC 2017 booth #939 to learn more!


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