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How to Create...Towards and for a Measurable Solution

April 14, 2017

Definitions of the word “create” include, “to cause to come into being,” and/or, “to evolve from one’s own thought or imagination, as a work of art or an invention.”1

ASD is proud to be a manufacturer of top-grade, high-class, well-cited NIR scientific instruments. ASD also does rely on our many customers (via feedback, testimonials and use cases) to both aid and assist us moving forward into the future towards bettering our products. ASD customers are true adventurers and discoverers out in the field utilizing our instruments for a multitude of different application uses; they all have the same goal in mind with the mission of collecting the most accurate data in the form of spectral signatures. This quest can often lead to innovative and creative “solutions” involving the pairing of materials and technologies alongside of an ASD instrument in order to create for a data collection solution capable of achieving results.

From as simple as attaching an ASD Contact Probe to a broomstick or metal pole to achieve above-ground measurement results, to mounting an ASD FieldSpec® instrument on a tower system in the sky above a corn field and paired with a hyperspectral camera, the following images offer some creative examples of our ASD customers’ innovations:

ASD Fiber Optic Cable accessoryASD Fore Optic accessory

(Top-Bottom) Innovative use of an ASD Pistol Grip to measure light being reflected off of snow (with Fiber Optic Cable accessory) and sand (with Fore Optic accessory).2                                                                

ASD FieldSpec Pro custom sky scanner

An example creating for more accurate simulated skies using a custom sky scanner, paired with an ASD FieldSpec Pro.

airborne remote sensing measurements

An ASD instrument on a UAS / mini-helicopter for the purpose of collecting airborne remote sensing measurements3

EcoSpec Argonne National Laboratory

Components of the autonomous high temporal frequency hyperspectral reflectance collection—EcoSpec system (collecting white reference data before every data collection from the land surface, at each position around the tower, so that hyperspectral data is accurately converted to reflectance values). The spectrometer in this set up is an ASD FieldSpec 4.4


The EcoSpec system, as shown in the image above, is the main topic of discussion for ASD’s April webinar presentation (which will be recorded in case you miss it). This system, created by a team of Argonne National Laboratory (Illinois, USA) scientists and engineers, was created for the purpose of conducting a, “study on how plants and ecosystems respond and contribute to environments.”4


To learn more about the EcoSpec Project, register for our April 25th webinar!  If you can not attend in person, go ahead and register to receive a recording.


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