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ASD Instrument Service Provided By Our Regional Service Centers

January 26, 2017

ASD recommends that your instrument be serviced once a year; this will ensure proper functioning of the instrument. To have your instrument serviced once a year is covered under the ASD warranty or the extended warranty (you can learn more about our warranty options here).Blog_Jan26_service_image.png

Additionally, ASD offers performance checks which ensure that your spectrometer is performing at its best! You can schedule an instrument performance check with our expert technical support team and hire us to conduct a full performance check on your instrument, which includes the following:

  • Fiber optic cable check
  • IR scanner motor and scanner linkage exam
  • New wavelength calibration
  • Gratings check in all three regions
  • Software upgrades

ASD currently has five service centers, located around the globe, to help minimize the downtime associated with instrument repairs and maintenance. Contact your local representative to request your service or maintenance.

ASD service centers are equipped to perform ASD maintenance. This includes service of the FieldSpec®TerraSpec®LabSpec®, and HandHeld 2 instrument lines, related accessories, radiometric calibrations, routine/annual maintenance and system checks. Please take note: the TerraSpec Halo and QualitySpec® Trek instruments can only be serviced by the Boulder, USA service center.


Service Center Locations

  • Sydney, Australia
  • São Paulo, Brazil
  • Beijing, China
  • Almelo, Netherlands
  • Boulder, USA

To request service for your ASD spectrometer, contact your local authorized representative. They will facilitate any service requests. For a complete list of our representatives, visit our representative network.


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