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ASD is Offering a Promotion in the United States to Trade In and Trade Up Your Instrument!! You Must be in the US to Qualify

October 10, 2017



The portable Instant Display and Analysis Spectrometer (PIDAS) was developed at NASA JPL in the early 1980’s. This was the first use of fiber-optics for collection optics and also the first real-time display of the reflectance spectrum. The 2-second spectrum acquisition time was a major advance for field measurements. The weight (~70 lbs.), however, required strong young postdocs to carry PIDAS in the field. Brian Curtiss, a cofounder of ASD Inc., is shown here prior to travelling to Greenland to measure ancient rocks in glacial boulder fields. He returned uninjured.


How much is that old instrument worth? 

Trade-in your old, obsolete ASD instrument and/or other non-ASD qualifying spectrometer and save thousands $$ on the purchase of a new ASD instrument.

Now is the time to capitalize on the value of your obsoleted instrument, save thousands of dollars on a new purchase, and tap the innovation that makes ASD spectrometers the most trusted brand on the market today. 

Do you have an instrument from another manufacturer?

No problem! Most comparable brands are accepted.  


For United States Customers:

Through December 15, 2017 ASD is offering a 25% discount off a new ASD instrument with the trade-in of an old instrument - all instruments welcome!

Trade-in program details: 

  • Instruments purchased will be discounted 25%
  • The trade-in instrument does not have to be in operational condition - push, pull or drag what you have to us!
  • Discount applies to base instrument configuration only - accessories sold separately
  • Advertised program discounts are valid in the USA through ASD direct sales representatives only
  • Offer expires December 15, 2017


You are invited to please help share awareness of our discount promotion by spreading the word to your US colleagues and friends, and/or to contact us to learn more!  


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Upgrade to an advanced NIR spectrometer and start getting more out of your research!


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