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ASD Continues to Improve Usability of its Instruments through Software Updates

May 04, 2017

Improved workflow ensures higher levels of efficiency and productivity. At ASD, we are committed to enhancing our products to improve the customer experience. With that in mind, we are excited to announce a new release of our Indico® Pro Spectral Acquisition Software, version 6.5.6.

 Software Update Indico Pro

What is Indico Pro? Indico Pro is a comprehensive data acquisition tool for generating, analyzing, printing and saving your analytical results quickly and easily. Indico Pro is configured to work with the LabSpec® line of lab based analyzers, the TerraSpec® line of mineral analyzers as well as FieldSpec® instruments for material qualification (classification) and quantification (concentration) analysis across a variety of applications, including:

  • Raw material and active ingredient testing for pharmaceutical, dietary supplements and natural products
  • Lipid, protein and fatty acid analysis of grains and food products
  • Analyzing mineral content in soils

ASD’s latest release of Indico Pro improves the functionality of the remote trigger and adds a number of other enhancements making the software easy to use. 

At ASD, we are committed to understanding the challenges of customers. These updates support the strong and sustainable partnering relationships we have with our customers.


Would you like to read more about Indico Pro or access the software update?

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