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Dr. Brian Curtiss Addresses Technological Improvements in Mineral Mapping at ASPRS

March 12, 2012

Dr. Brian Curtiss, CTO and co-founder of ASD, will be discussing applications of remote sensing and reflectance spectroscopy in mining at ASPRS 2012 annual conference on March 23.describe the image

Sophisticated remote sensing and reflectance spectroscopy are commonly used in the mining industry to locate new deposits and ascertain information that can decide ore sorting and processing procedures. Often it all begins with creating mineral maps from hyperspectral images that can be quickly categorized and identified as economic mineral deposits. This knowledge of geologic models can help geologists determine area best suited for extensive exploration by portable spectrometers.

ASD’s new line of FieldSpec® 4 spectroradiometers are particularly useful in geologic applications. Using the hyperspectral image maps, geologists can then use the FieldSpec 4 for fast, reliable ground truth data collection.

Find out more about how remote sensing and reflectance spectroscopy are having an impact on the mining industry at Dr. Curtiss’ presentation.

Scheduled for presentation:

  • “Applications of Remote Sensing and Reflectance Spectroscopy in Mining”

  • Technical Session 70: Geology/Archaeology

  • Friday, March 23, 9:00AM-10:30AM

You can also visit ASD at booth #505!

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