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New Line of LabSpec 4 Portable Analytical Instrumentation Available | ASD Inc.

March 26, 2012

LS StRes left coil knockout less white space WAvailable Today: Improved Lab Analyzer With More Power and Precision 

ASD Inc. recently announced the release of the new LabSpec® 4 line of portable laboratory instrumentation. The LabSpec 4 line of near-infrared lab analyzers has an improved spectrometer configuration that increases the speed or accuracy of material measurements.

Some improvements over the previous LabSpec analyzer models include:

  • Faster, more complete material measurements

  • Optional ruggedized cable ensures superior fiber optics performance

  • Wireless capabilities now standard for more flexible use and the ability to make measurements anywhere

Options for Real-World Applications

We know that it’s important to have an analytical instrument that can measure a wide variety of materials from powders to liquids, so we developed three different models of the LabSpec 4 lab analyzers.

LabSpec 4 Hi-Res: an Analytical Instrument With Exceptional High-Resolution Measurements

The portable LabSpec 4 Hi-Res analytical instrument (6 nm) is ideal for measurement of materials with well-defined spectra features. It’s perfect for polymers, petrochemicals, industrial chemicals and pharmaceutical active ingredients. With the Hi-Res, you’ll get accurate measurements with an outstanding signal-to-noise ratio in the lab or on-site.

LS HiRes label WLabSpec 4 Hi-Res i Laboratory Instrument

Our most popular laboratory analytical instrument, the LabSpec 4 Hi-Res i lab instrument is available with an internal light source for the ability to measure liquids, small sample sizes and slurries.

LabSpec 4 Standard-Res Lab Analyzer for That Perfect Balance

Great for measurements of food and feed products, forestry products and raw mineral classification, the LabSpec 4 Standard Res (10 nm) laboratory analyzer can go anywhere, and has a great balance between spectral resolution and signal-to-noise performance. The LabSpec 4 Standard-Res is also available in the “i” model for versatile material analysis.

LabSpec 4 Bench: When you Need a Reliable Benchtop Analyzer

Also available as a benchtop instrument, the Labspec 4 Bench (10 nm) benchtop instrument provides the same level of performance as the Standard-Res model with the benefits of a stationary, space-saving design.

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