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ASD’s Brian Curtiss to Present TerraSpec Applications at 34th IGC in Australia

August 04, 2012

When it comes to mining in today’s economy, it is critical to use resources to their maximum potential. Reflectance spectroscopy has been widely used to help discover new deposits as well as establish ore mineralogical properties during the mine development process.
Interational Geological Congress
In his oral presentation, “Rapid Mineralogical Analysis in Support of Mineral Exploration and Mine Development,” Dr. Curtiss will discuss how during any exploration process reflectance spectroscopy can work in concert with a mining instrument like the TerraSpec mineral analyzer to characterize the alteration mineral halos associated with potential new deposits. Useful for mapping, planning and amassing detailed knowledge of ore properties, a mining analyzer can help to accelerate and reduce risks in exploration and mine development.

Deposits often have distinct mineral signatures and the diagnostic process of the TerraSpec mining analyzer helps to identify and characterize the association of these alteration mineral signatures with a specific deposit.

During mine planning, quantitative mineralogical and metallurgical analysis using reflectance spectroscopy is often used to supplement analysis performed by XRD and/or QEMSCAN. The ASD team has worked to develop special and specific calibrations for a variety of minerals that may cause problems in the processing of copper ore. The results are directly applicable for flowsheet development and to determine the economic viability, if any, of a mine site.

Oral Presentation Details
“Rapid Mineralogical Analysis in Support of Mineral Exploration and Mine Development.”
Theme 32 — Geoscience Information from Proximal and Remote Sensing Technologies
Session 32.1 — Mineral exploration

To find out more about TerraSpec analyzers or our presence at the IGC conference, please visit our events page.  Or meet Dr. Curtiss at the Portable Analytical Solutions booth, #195, during the conference.

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