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Can Light Really Tell You If You Have the Right Medication?

April 21, 2017

The cost of pharmacy mistakes is high:

BlogApr18.jpg“Costco Wholesale will pay $11.75 million to settle Department of Justice allegations that the chain’s pharmacies improperly filled prescriptions.

Investigations were conducted by federal authorities in Washington, Michigan and California.

Costco was accused of filling prescriptions that were incomplete, lacked valid DEA numbers and were for substances beyond doctor’s scope of practice.”

“Dispensing the wrong drug — which often involved the substitution of another drug with a sound-alike name — accounted for 43.8% of all claims paid as a result of the injuries caused.

In this study, the highest amount paid was $1 million for the claim arising from a premature infant’s permanent brain damage caused by the wrong suppository. The overall average paid indemnity was $87,174."


The Fake Drug Industry is Exploding:

“Task forces are finding more fake drugs every year. Interpol’s flagship pharmaceutical investigation, Operation Pangea, for example, says it seized 2.4 million fake and illicit pills in 2011; in 2015, the total number of pills and other medications that officials seized jumped to 20.7 million.”

So, can light really tell you if you have the right medication? Yes it can, and in fact ASD has a patent on the technology to prove it. Using visible and near infrared light, ASD instruments can make real time measurements that are sensitive to chemical composition, color, and dosage levels. By comparing the measured “chemical fingerprint” with a known database, ASD instruments can provide a 100% assurance that the dispensed drug is correct in both type and concentration. This is effective in distinguishing between drugs that look alike, have different dosages, or are even counterfeit. This technology is applicable in all pharmacy environments, including Central Fill, Mail Order, and retail pharmacies and will be useful for drug enforcement activities as well.

At ASD, we are committed to making the world a better place. By offering solutions that can reduce the risk in taking prescription medicine and providing a means to identify counterfeit drugs, we are working to increase the drug safety in prescription medicines.


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