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Do Not Miss Out on the April Webinar! - EcoSpec Project

April 19, 2017

ASD customers are true adventurers and discoverers out in the field utilizing our scientific instruments for a multitude of different application uses. The quest to collect the most accurate data can lead to innovative and creative “solutions” involving the pairing of materials and technologies alongside of an ASD instrument in order to create for a data collection solution that is capable of achieving results.      

The EcoSpec project at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) in Illinois is one such example of this.           


Components of the autonomous high temporal frequency hyperspectral reflectance collection—EcoSpec system (collecting white reference data before every data collection from the land surface, at each position around the tower, so that hyperspectral data is accurately converted to reflectance values). The spectrometer in this set up is an ASD FieldSpec® 4.1


The EcoSpec system, as shown in the image above, is the main topic of discussion for ASD’s April 25th webinar presentation. This system, created by a team of remote sensing scientists, ecologists, electrical and mechanical engineers, and computer scientists at ANL, was created for the purpose of conducting a “study on how plants and ecosystems respond and contribute to environments.”4

The ANL team, led by Dr. Yuki Hamada, has effectively constructed an integrated multiple sensor optical tower measurement system (e.g. EcoSpec System). The system pairs the optical sensors of an ASD FieldSpec® 4 and an RGB camera in order to provide data that is indicative of plant chemical and physical properties and visual/contextual information of each field of view.2 The tower is self-sufficient, operating on solar power, rotating 340° every 10 minutes and collecting white reference data before each pre-defined ground area measurement (to lessen the variability of atmospheric and solar conditions). 2

Learn more about the science, data, and analytics of this creative project with keynote speaker, Dr. Yuki Hamada, by registering to attend our upcoming April 25th webinar, “EcoSpec: Linking Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Plant Activity”!  If you can not attend live and would like a recording, go ahead and register to receive a link. 

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