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How to Make Mining Less Expensive

March 07, 2017

How many hours are you losing trying to identify minerals?

Thanks to the mineralogical data provided by the TerraSpec® Halo mineral identifier, mine geologists have access to real-time information vital to reducing costs and improving ore recovery and mining revenue.

The TerraSpec Halo is a portable NIR mineral identification instrument; it is an all-in-one analysis system that allows you to immediately identify alteration minerals via non-destructive contact measurement. This ASD full-range (350-2500 nm) NIR spectrometer is making a lot of press lately in the exploration and production geology market as an important tool in the process of field mapping and sampling at many mine sites.

how to make mining less expensive

ASD released a Case Study earlier this year on Chalice Gold completing a comprehensive surface exploration on the Cameron Gold Project in Ontario, Canada; Chalice researchers noted that the Halo instrument “could be used to leverage existing higher cost analytical data across larger areas”.1 In addition, Black Sea Copper & Gold Corp. made use of the Halo instrument at the Zlatusha copper-gold property in Bulgaria to “improve the resolution of known surface targets and identify additional prospects,” and to analyze clay mineralogy, “in order to characterize the clay alteration mineralogy within a porphyry-epithermal hydrothermal system context.”2 Golden Goliath Resource Ltd. used the TerraSpec Halo at the La Reforma property in Mexico to “analyze clay minerals from existing propertywide drill core.”3 OK2 Minerals Ltd. created for drill holes intersecting “anomalous intervals of mineralized intrusive rocks” on their Pyramid copper-gold property in B.C., Canada analyzing each hold and scanning it with a “TerraSpec Halo hand held instrument, (used to identify relative temperatures of formation between certain minerals) to identify if gold mineralization is associated with hydrothermal alteration.”4


Learn about the unique un-paralleled benefits of ASD’s TerraSpec Halo for mining in our upcoming March 22nd webinar, "TerraSpec Halo for the Mine Geologist"

Gain a better understanding of the benefits of this instrument’s use by learning of some example mine geology scenarios via geometallurgist/geologist and keynote speaker, Stacey Leichliter. Whether you have a need for sorting and tracking ore types for stockpile quality and quantity, resource modeling, or assisting in mine planning, you will learn helpful information to improve your mining process and save more time (and money!) through the data collection abilities of the TerraSpec Halo.


Click below to view our webinar on March 22nd, "TerraSpec Halo for the Mine Geologist".  Not able to attend live?  Go ahead and register, and we will email you a recording when it becomes available. 


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