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LabSpec® Applications Relevant for Many Industries - Part 2/2

July 12, 2017

ASD’s LabSpec® 4 laboratory analyzers are rapid-results analytical instrumentation that are ideal for precise spectral analysis of a wide range of materials - this is Part 2 of our blog on the many uses and applications of our LabSpec instrument! 


The LabSpec 4 laboratory analyzer, is used to verify raw materials and detect contaminants (for quality and purity, etc.) during production as well as post production.

Use of the LabSpec instrument, through its many and varied application uses, offers a value add to manufacturing and lab testing efforts by helping to cut down costs while increasing yields - it does this by creating no waste, no sample destruction and by its ability to measure multiple constituents in a single scan.

The ASD webinar series offers one complimentary webinar each month focusing on a different application use; the LabSpec instrument is our instrument of focus for the months of May-July.


Webinar - June 2017 - ZikaInstrImage-4.jpg

ASD’s LabSpec in use on mosquitoes


Webinar - June 2017 Zika - ModelDevelopment_Infection_Species_Identity.png

 Model development using spectral signatures to determine mosquito species identity and infection 


Our June webinar (you can watch the recording here), featured Dr. Maggy Sikulu-Lord of The University of Queensland, Australia. Maggy shared her experience of using the LabSpec instrument, and the cost saving value added benefit of the instrument's use with being able to read multiple constituents - age, species identification, infection - per mosquito, and in order to aid her research efforts on mosquito-borne diseases (e.g. malaria, dengue, Zika). Maggy determined that use of the LabSpec allowed her to conduct her research 35 times faster at a cost savings that is 50 times less expensive as compared to other methods and technologies.  


Webinar - July 2017 - Probe on Meat_Pic.jpg

ASD’s LabSpec with Contact Probe in use on raw meat.


ASD’s partner, Bonsai Advanced Technology, has created an adaptable contact probe working with the LabSpec instrument that allows several meat quality traits to be measured with the time and cost saving benefit of not having to grind or “destroy” the meat product. ASD recently released a case study on the LabSpec's use in the meat industry, which you can read more about here.

On July 26, ASD will host webinar speaker Dr. Verónica Sierra of Spectrapply, who will go over the use and benefit of the LabSpec instrument for meat property analysis. 

Applications of ASD’s LabSpec 4 laboratory analyzers range far and wide. Please consider responding and sharing your LabSpec application use and value add benefits with us!


Register today for our webinar, "Meat Property Analysis Using LabSpec®," on July 26 8AM-9AM MDT to learn about the benefits of using ASD’s LabSpec to measure and determine meat property analysis:

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Not able to attend live? All registrants receive a recorded version of the webinar a few days after the live event.  


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