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Visit ASD at the MINExpo International® 2016 Show!

September 20, 2016


MINExpo® is a mining technology show held every four years, representing all major mining regions of the world.  

On September 26-28, ASD will be attending and exhibiting at the MINExpo 2016 show in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. Please come engage with our experts on the show floor, and visit with us in the Exhibit Hall at Booth 26244!

ASD’s TerraSpec® Halo Mineral Identifier will be on display at our booth and ASD Technical Representatives will be available to showcase and demonstrate how this full-range NIR spectrometer works. For exploration and mine geologists, the TerraSpec Halo mineral identifier is an all-in-one mineral analysis system that allows you to immediately identify alteration minerals with a simple pull of a trigger for faster delineation of alteration, speedier core logging and quick confirmation of ore mineralogy.

We hope to meet you there!


If you would like to schedule an appointment with an ASD representative at the MINExpo, click below!

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Another First for the Agricultural Research Council in Pretoria, South Africa!

September 06, 2016

Eric Economon, of the Agricultural Research Council in Pretoria, South Africa, is a man of firsts. Eric bought the first ASD instrument sold in South Africa over a decade ago.  And now, with his brand new FieldSpec® 4, Eric is the first South African customer to purchase an ASD instrument through our new partner, PANalytical-South Africa. Eric uses a variety of remote sensing and ground truthing techniques to monitor the biology of South Africa, sometimes in very remote areas. He uses the FieldSpec 4 to ground truth invasive biological species that can affect South Africa's agricultural market. Congrats on your new purchase, Eric!

Want to learn more about how spectrometers can be used to increase your agricultural output?  Join us for our free webinar to learn more about analyzing and groundtruthing soil characteristics!

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Pictured above (left to right): Chris Sherry, ASD Sr Manager; Eric Economon, Agricultural Research Council; Wynand Smit, Director- PANalytical - South Africa

ASD's LabSpec helps in the fight against Zika and Dengue

August 12, 2016

An article in The Atlantic talks about how the release of Wolbachia-infected Aedes aegypti mosquitos can be used to control the spread of the Dengue and Zika virus. For Dengue, strains of the Wolbachia bacterium greatly reduces the likelihood that Aedes mosquitoes carry the dengue virus; if the bacterium infects enough of the wild mosquito population, it may eliminate Aedes mosquitoes as a means of dengue transmission. Similar work has shown a reduction in the Zika virus in Wolbachia-infected Aedes aegypti mosquitos. The monitoring of the percentage of the natural population that is Wolbachia-infected is key to ensuring that the wild mosquito population is adequately infected with Wolbachia. This is where ASD's field portable LabSpec NIR analyzer comes in... 

Join us for our next free webinar - How to Effectively Comply with Raw Material Identification and Purity Requirements without Losing Your Bottom Line

August 09, 2016

Our 2016 webinar series focuses on one ASD spectroscopy application each month.

If you haven't watched each of our previous webinars, visit our webinar recordings page to see what you missed. Some of our past topics include: NIR, Metamorphic Petrology, and Remote Sensing, On-orbit Sensor Absolute Radiometric Calibration for Earth Remote Sensing, and Adventures in Albedo.

This August, our webinar focuses on the application of raw material analysis. 

In this webinar you will learn:

  • A raw material analysis application solution showcasing the use of NIR in testing system design and compliance review
  • Best practices to identify adulterants in raw materials and identify finished products for compliance using an ASD instrument
  • An example of the successful development of a unique library featuring more than 4000 validated reference standards for rapid non- destructive identification analysis using ASD software and spectrometers

Determining Postmortem Interval Using VNIR Spectroscopy on Human Cortical Bone

January 15, 2015

Guest blogger, and 2014 Goetz Instrument Support Program participant, John A. Servello of the University of North Texas, details his use of a LabSpec 4 benchtop analyzer with a bifurcated reflectance fiber optic contact probe to determine if NIR spectroscopy can be used to provide a postmortem interval range for human skeletal remains.

Model Magic! Free Paper on Soybean Modeling Using the LabSpec 4

February 28, 2013

Thinking of using an NIR analyzer or model for your food, vegetation or agricultural application? ASD lab analyzers are just the instrument for reliable, repeatable results.

The Many Applications of ASD’s LabSpec 4 Analytical Instrumentation Line

July 02, 2012

Applications of ASD’s LabSpec® 4 laboratory analyzers range far and wide. This rapid-results analytical instrumentation provides can be the saving grace in detecting dangerous counterfeit drugs, ensuring food safety and even adding a layer of protection to the production of cosmetics and beauty products.  

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