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Meet our newest Central and South American mining and industrial resellers!

July 15, 2014

We've recently expanded our reseller partnership team and are excited to introduce INBOX Technology and Services S.A. (INBOX), Instrumentacion Y Servicios S.A.S. (InstruServ) and Instrumentos Lince Ltda (Lince).

Introducing Field Characterization of White Micas using the TerraSpec Halo - free white paper

April 16, 2014

The TerraSpec Halo mineral identifier can be used to rapidly identify alteration minerals with a single pull of a trigger. In addition to mineral identities, the TerraSpec Halo also monitors and reports on subtle spectral shifts due to geochemistry changes (called scalars) that can be used as supplementary exploration vectors to mineral deposits.

New NIR minerals analysis website content - Oil sands for bitumen and nickel mining and exploration

October 31, 2013

We're continuing to add content to the newest section of our website - Minerals Analysis. Here we've included content that highlights minerals that have spectrally active features in the near infrared (NIR), making them ideally suited for the rapid, portable and precise mineral analysis of the TerraSpec 4 mineral analyzer.

Minerals Analysis and Bauxite Exploration - New Website Content and Free Paper!

August 01, 2013

We've added a new segment to the mining applications section of our website called Minerals Analysis. In this section we will add content that highlights minerals that have spectrally active features in the near infrared (NIR), making them ideally suited for the rapid, precise minerals analysis of the TerraSpec 4 mineral analzyer.

ASD Inc. Enlists United Spectrometer Technologies as Primary Mining Reseller in Southern Africa

May 13, 2013

ASD has expanded its presence in the Southern Africa mining industry with the addition of reseller United Spectrometer Technologies.

TerraSpec Mineral Analyzers on Display at CIM 2013 from May 5-8, 2013 – See ASD for Free

April 30, 2013

We dig the theme of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum’s (CIM) 2013 Convention in Toronto: "Global Leadership – the Courage to Change."

Improve Mineral Analysis Techniques and Obtain Chemometric Modeling Tips at Training Events in Chile and Australia

November 05, 2012

Considering mineral analysis in your exploration or mining program? ASD partners, Portable Analytical Solutions (PAS) and SOLTEX will be hosting mineral analysis training events that highlight ASD instruments, The Spectral Geologist (TSG®) software and chemometric modeling in Chile and Australia in late November and early December.

"If you aren’t controlling your process, your process is controlling you" - SummitCAL leader's final article now live

October 30, 2012

ASD SummitCAL Solutions Team’s Dan Shiley released his final installment in a four-part series on the use of near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy in the mining industry. His article, "If you aren’t controlling your process, your process is controlling you" was published earlier this week on SpectroscopyNOW.

Maintain Consistency in Mineral Analysis Measurement and Beware of Water

October 24, 2012

By Dr. Paul Gamson, AusSpec International

Take a Closer Look at ASD's Mineral Analyzers at MINExpo 2012

September 03, 2012
In less than a month, the mining world will converge to discuss industry trends, influential companies and the latest technological advancements. Resent production pressures created a demand on mining operators that will require advanced technological solutions to increase their company’s mining yields and profitability.

ASD will display our leading mineral analyzers at MINExpo, Sept. 24-26 in Las Vegas, at booth 22206 in the South Hall. We will demonstrate how our analyzers are well suited for exploration and mining production applications.  

Our durable TerraSpec® 4 mineral analyzers for mining exploration and production have been trusted by mining professionals for years. These analyzers have proven top-rated accuracy, and boast a convenient, portable design.

Visit our booth to learn:

•    How TerraSpec 4 analyzers pair with the powerful TSG Pro™ software for rapid and precise mineralogical analysis

•    How real-time quantitative information derived by our instrumentation solutions help optimize mining production through immediate decisions that improve productivity, reduce costs and increase yields

•    How the  QualitySpec® 7000 over-the-belt analyzer provides instant, non-destructive multiple constituent analysis of swelling clays or problem mineral percentages.
For more information on MINExpo, or to set up a time to talk with an ASD representative during the conference, please feel free to contact us and arrange a meeting.

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