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Take your spectral data to new heights with this free webinar

August 25, 2015

Join us for an interactive presentation of case studies, detailing how organizations in mining, soils and agriculture have utilized ASD's SummitCAL team of experts to get the most out of their spectral data.

Top ASD Researchers Contribute Expertise to Mining Journal

February 05, 2013

Two of ASD’s most experienced researchers, Dan Shiley, senior applications chemist, SummitCAL Solutions Team and Chris Sherry, senior geologist/market manager, recently contributed an article titled Technology and Software: Out of Sight to Mining Journal highlighting technology and software trends in mining. In the report, Shiley and Sherry focus on the growing and necessary use of NIR spectral data and multivariate statistical modeling software to increase yield, product quality and productivity in near real-time for mining operations.

Keep That Reference Panel White - Learn How to Clean Your Spectralon

December 05, 2012

Those white reference panels are so clean when they first arrive for you to use with your spectrometer, but it seems like after only a few hours of research they can transform into something that might be better described as a "brown" reference panel. Sound familiar?

Turn Your Spectral Data into Decisions with ASD's On-Site GRAMS Training

November 29, 2012

So you've successfully gathered all of your data with your TerraSpec® mineral analyzer, LabSpec® lab spectrometer and/or FieldSpec® spectroradiometer. Now you just have to figure out how to import your spectral data and turn it in to a working calibration model. Simple, right?

"If you aren’t controlling your process, your process is controlling you" - SummitCAL leader's final article now live

October 30, 2012

ASD SummitCAL Solutions Team’s Dan Shiley released his final installment in a four-part series on the use of near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy in the mining industry. His article, "If you aren’t controlling your process, your process is controlling you" was published earlier this week on SpectroscopyNOW.

SummitCAL’s Dan Shiley Returns To With A New Column on Chemometrics in Mining

August 07, 2012

ASD’s own Dan Shiley is quickly becoming the final word on chemometrics in mining in his columns at

In his latest column, Creation of a Quantitative Data Set, he explores the importance of creating quantitative prediction models and their application in mineral analysis.

Connecting all the dots for readers, Shiley recognizes the importance of data set development for creation of the multivariate model. He dubs it, “the first step towards quantitative analysis,” which is combined with the size, type and constituents one is looking to measure.

Shiley states that by using the techniques smarter, one can even rescue dwindling budgets.

Dan Shiley is a Sr. Application Chemist, and heads up the ASD SummitCAL Solutions Team. His specialty is chemometric modeling.

ASD’s SummitCAL Solutions Team provides multivariate modeling service among other solutions for those needing a better understanding of their process; yet don’t want to incur the overhead to retain an expert. SummitCAL is the perfect compliment for any ASD instrument, or for anyone wanting to have a fully customizable analytical solution.  

Want to learn more about how SummitCAL might be able to help you? Sign up for a free consultation.

SummitCAL Solutions Group Lead Kicks Off SpectroscopyNOW Series: Multivariate Modeling Solutions for Mineral Analysis in Mining

May 22, 2012

Think applying multivariate modeling solutions in conjunction with near-infrared spectroscopy for mining mineral analysis is laughable? Think again.

Accurately Measuring Soil Carbon Using a LabSpec Spectrometer

October 06, 2011

Growing concerns over carbon emissions are driving research focused on the measurement of carbon soil flux. Carbon dioxide may be emitted due to oxidation of organic carbon or may be sequestered in either organic or mineralized forms. Organic carbon and carbonate can be measured using the ASD LabSpec® 2500 portable spectrometer to help monitor carbon flux in soils. Measurement of soil carbon with ASD LabSpec can help agronomists and farm managers optimally change their management practices to promote sequestration of atmospheric carbon dioxide into farm soils.

Instruments and solutions capabilities dedicated to mining exploration and production: ASD Inc.

February 28, 2011

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